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BCCPAY makes spending cryptocurrency simple

Load your card with either BitConnect or Bitcoin with just a few clicks. BitConnect card BCCpay allows secure payments to be made hassle free with just one swipe.


BCCPay is a payment platform that stores Bitcoin and BitConnect Coin. Your BCCPay wallet can be used to load your debit card for purchases in multiple Fiat currencies.

  • To purchase your debit card simply create an account and deposit either Bitcoin or BitConnect Coin. Once your transaction verifies you can use that balance to order your card.

  • You can choose to order the plastic card based on your wallet balance and currency.

  • To fund your card simply load the desired amount and you can use your card immediately for online purchases and ATM withdrawals.


Here are some of the awesome benefits of using the BitConnect prepaid card

Less than 1% fee for transfers

The charge to transfer between Bitcoin or BitConnect Coin is just 0.25% per transaction and there are no other hidden fees.

Multiple Currency Cards

Your BCCPay wallet balance can be used to order USD, GBP and EUR debit cards. You can use Bitcoin or BitConnect Coin to load your card anytime.

Deposits and withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals on BCCPay are fast and secure with minimal fees. There are no limits on deposits and withdrawals of Bitcoin or BitConnect Coin from your BCCPay wallet.

Bitconnect Debit Card

Use your prepaid BitConnect debit card at ATMs, in-store purchases and online shopping.


Use your prepaid BitConnect debit card at 30+ million ATMs and 35+ million locations worldwide

The BitConnect prepaid debit card is a payment option that can be used for in-store purchases, online shopping and cash withdrawals from ATM's anywhere prepaid debit cards are accepted.

Deposits can be made with either Bitcoin or BitConnect Coin and can be used as funding for multiple BCCPay wallets.

Plastic cards will be shipped within 15-20 days from your order being placed.

Cryptocurrency can be very hard to spend in traditional markets, the BitConnect card gives you options to spend in Fiat currency at retail and online locations worldwide.

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Card Fees & Limits

Rules SILVER ( KYC1 Level 1) GOLD ( KYC1 Level 2)
POS Rules              
Number of purchases Per day 6 6 6 no limit no limit no limit
Value of purchases Per day $250 250 £250 no limit no limit no limit
ATM Rules              
Number of ATM transactions Per day 4 4 4 4 4 4
Value of ATM withdrawal Per ATM Transaction $250 250 £250 $1,000 1,000 £1000
Value of ATM withdrawal Per day $250 250 £250 $2,600 2,600 £2,600
Maximum ATM withdraw Lifetime $250 250 £250 no limit no limit no limit


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